The Harsh Reality

It hit me like a ton of bricks – I am a middle-aged, overweight, out of shape woman. I have stopped writing, except SOPs and Work Instructions for work. I have stopped going for nature walks. These things help me to stay sane. They keep me shining and sparkling. Why have I stopped doing them?

The culprits are the usual – lack of time, lack of energy, have to do this, have to do that…

But what about me? What about my shine and sparkle?

I’ve been thinking about this for about a month and finally have put some action behind my thoughts. A couple of weeks ago, I realized that all of my fitness clothes were TOO SMALL – yikes, that is a wake-up call.  Another eye-opener? Walking 297 yards to the observation deck at Mt. Mitchell. Whoo! On the way down, I mentioned to my guy that I wanted some hiking poles to which he joked that I could put them on the wall beside my running shoes…

Thank goodness for the quick delivery of products from Amazon. My first pair of XL workout pants came in a couple of days. I pulled them on last week and completed 3 thirty-minute walks through my neighborhood. It was hot and sticky but I was out there, listening to my work-out playlist, and loving the feeling of my muscles working again. This morning, I took a deeper dive by ordering new (larger) sports bras and tops along with another pair of pants.

Other actions, checking out the offerings of my local YMCAs – my Y card has been pretty dusty…there are plenty of interesting classes including spin/cycle and yoga which are two that I’m most interested in.

As for writing, WordPress gave me a nice reminder by renewing my account for another year. Figured I had better heed the message and get back on here.

I’ve got three months before a boudoir photoshoot plus the rest of my life to live. I’m capturing my re-entry into the world of fitness here to keep myself accountable and motivated. Grab your workout gear and join me.

Author: Katherine Pryor

I am a middle-aged woman who is on a mission to get back in shape, lose some weight, and get back into writing. In a nutshell, I am working towards doing the things that maintain my sparkle and shine.

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